Cigar Smoking Origins

Where were YOU in ’92?  Not 1992…1492!

Before you grandfather’s grandfather was even a sparkle in HIS grandfather’s eye, Christopher Columbus was out discovering America and something else, too – tobacco!  From lowly tobacco came the most elevated of pleasures – the fine smoking cigar.

It really was the beginning of a whole New World!  Cigar popularity burned a path back to the continent, setting Europe afire before finding its way back to America again.

When Victoria was queen, cigars were king in England, but their enjoyment was limited to private clubs and residences.  [Read more…]

Avo Uvezian Turns 85 +1

[Update: 85? What the??? Actually,  Avo just turned 86. This post is from last year AND we are still having to keep up with him. Look for some stuff from the 86th party coming soon!]

At a private party at an undisclosed location, I was honored to gather with friends to celebrate Avo’s 85th birthday.

If you don’t know Avo’s cigars, you are missing out. If you don’t know the man, you are truly missing out.

I have known Avo for some time. Although most people know him as one of the world’s premier cigar makers, he is also a world renown pianist.

Maybe you have heard Frank Sinatra’s, Strangers in the Night. Yeah, that was written by Avo.

But the depth of Avo goes well behind the cigars, music, and signature hat. [Read more…]

Should I Buy Name Brand Cigars?


There is a lot of talk of whether you need to find a popular label to get a good smoke. Well, here is my take…

[Read more…]

Create Your Own Flavored Cigar

Did you know you can easily create your own flavored cigars? Just take a few mild smokes (no maduro’s) and put them in a tight sealing container (no need for a humidor for this one). A tupperware bin works great.

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Cigar Talk…Zino Davidoff

Rumor is…Zino Davidoff was best friends with Rothschild family, they both traded wine for cigars every year. Zino named his cigars after the 5 best first growth wines and later named a cigar after Dom Perignon champagne. Davidoff was allowed to raid Rothschilds personnel cellar for cigars, which after 1992 were never made in Cuban again. [Read more…]

Cigar Store Etiquette

Let’s be honest – when you walk into a well-stocked humidor, it may feel a little bit like Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade’ – cigars to the left of you, cigars to the right of you.  Dozens of brands [Read more…]

Cigar Do’s and Don’ts

The sum and total of cigar knowledge, lore, etiquette and practical advice could fill dozens and dozens of books.  True cigar aficionados aren’t born; they’re bred with a body of knowledge that is the product of their experience.

But if you had to extract the essentials, it would look something like this: [Read more…]

Pairing a Good Smoke

OK, hopefully by now you have some idea of how to pick out, light and blow smoke rings with the best of them. Picking out the right drink to go with a cigar can be challenging in its own right and is also a double edge sword. If you have the wrong combination, the best cigar may taste horrible (or no taste at all) and your fine after dinner drink may taste like you wished you spent .25 a ounce instead of $25. [Read more…]

About Cigar Secrets

Cigar Secrets was created to give both new and experienced Cigar Smokers a place to find information as well as chat about their latest cigar finds. [Read more…]

Tax Increase On Cigars!

Get ready to pay a bit more for your favorite smoke. On February 4th, 2009 President Obama signed into law the expansion of the State Children’s Insurance Health Program (SCHIP).  This program provides health and dental insurance to children and pregnant mothers who do not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford health insurance. [Read more…]