Cigar Smoking Origins

Where were YOU in ’92?  Not 1992…1492!

Before you grandfather’s grandfather was even a sparkle in HIS grandfather’s eye, Christopher Columbus was out discovering America and something else, too – tobacco!  From lowly tobacco came the most elevated of pleasures – the fine smoking cigar.

It really was the beginning of a whole New World!  Cigar popularity burned a path back to the continent, setting Europe afire before finding its way back to America again.

When Victoria was queen, cigars were king in England, but their enjoyment was limited to private clubs and residences.  Cigars were kept behind closed doors until the ‘enlightened’ time of King Edward.

In 1901, the new monarch ascended to the throne and his first words as King were,

“Gentlemen, you may smoke!”

In America in 1901, it’s believed that 4 out of 5 men in the U.S. were cigar smokers!  The stogie was prized by statesmen, royals, gentlemen and generals.  Its popularity has never stopped growing.

Today, men and women freely share the myriad pleasures of a good premium cigar.  A renaissance of cigar stores and a renewed interest in ‘cigar culture’ is a worldwide phenomenon…a phenomenon that you’re about to join.

You’ll be in great company.  Cigar aficionados are known around the globe as connoisseurs of the finer things in life; men and women who appreciate the best food, wine and liqueurs.  There’s no better time to enjoy a cigar than after a meal with dessert and coffee, or perhaps with cognac or a glass of port.

Of course, cigars aren’t just for after dinner.  Kick back after a day at work with a smooth corona.  Take your pooch out for a walk and enjoy a mild panatella.  Enjoy a walk along the shore with…well, you get the idea!  The best time to have a cigar is ANY time you want to relax and enjoy being yourself.

There’s no question that cigars were made in heaven – aromatic, flavorful, a perfect end to a perfect day.  Although cigars may PHILOSOPHICALLY be heaven-sent, they come to your tobacco store by far more earthbound means.

Growing tobacco requires exceptional artistry and experience. Plants are lovingly nurtured in strictly controlled conditions until the little seedlings are ready to be transported to fields.