Avo Uvezian Turns 85 +1

[Update: 85? What the??? Actually,  Avo just turned 86. This post is from last year AND we are still having to keep up with him. Look for some stuff from the 86th party coming soon!]

At a private party at an undisclosed location, I was honored to gather with friends to celebrate Avo’s 85th birthday.

If you don’t know Avo’s cigars, you are missing out. If you don’t know the man, you are truly missing out.

I have known Avo for some time. Although most people know him as one of the world’s premier cigar makers, he is also a world renown pianist.

Maybe you have heard Frank Sinatra’s, Strangers in the Night. Yeah, that was written by Avo.

But the depth of Avo goes well behind the cigars, music, and signature hat.

If you ever see Avo at your local cigar bar, stop and say “hello.” You will be glad you did.

Happy Birthday Avo. May you live to 100 and beyond!

*As for the photo. After dinner we adjourned to a small deck with little light. An employee came and put a small spotlight on a bench to try and give us some luminescence while we enjoyed our cigars. Out of random chance, the light projected a silhouette of Avo on the wall. It some ways, it sums up the man perfectly.

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