Create Your Own Flavored Cigar

Did you know you can easily create your own flavored cigars? Just take a few mild smokes (no maduro’s) and put them in a tight sealing container (no need for a humidor for this one). A tupperware bin works great.

It needs to be large enough to hold the cigars and a shot of your favorite alchohol (brandy and cognac work very well).

Put the shot glass in the container (DON’T pour it on the cigars) you just want the liqueur to evaporate.

That is it. Seal the container and put it in a dark place (the back of the closet it good). It should only take a couple weeks for the liqueur to evaporate. You are ready to smoke! Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Godfather, GREAT post you got going on here! Just wondering if you could give a couple examples of what you tried that worked well. And also why can’t you use Maduros for this little trick? THX, next door neighbor in Henderson : )

  2. I was wondering is it safe to put alchohol such as scotch in a humidors humidifacation device.

    • You can put just about anything in an attempt to flavor a cigar. I found some single malts worked better than others. It also takes a bit longer than some other types of alcohol, but a nice effect.

  3. Great! They smell sooooooo good- a combo of Southern Comfort and Madagascan Vanilla I think is going to taste great- at least it SMELLS great. Thank you very much 🙂 PS I dont know why I got the grumpy avatar 🙂 Im not grumpy!

  4. Hi again! I will get around to trying the beans, but first…I tried a spiced rum for 2 cigars, and Southern Comfort for my other 2 cigars. I put them in airtight containers with a little shotglass of each alcohol, respectively, 8 days ago.

    I checked on them today and they almost seem a little moist- is that supposed to happen? They certainly smell like the alcohol, but they look a little…different??

    Any advice? 🙂

    • They should be fine. My guess is that the cigars were a little bit overly dry in the beginning (so they took in extra moisture). Take out the shot glasses at this point (and just have regular distilled water – or none for a couple days so they dry back out).

  5. Hi, I have 2 cigars I would like to have a vanilla flavor and I have Madagascan vanilla beans- can I put those beans in w/ the cigars in an airtight container? I hate, hate, hate flavored cigars in the store- Ive flavored my own sugars and salts before and wondered if this would work w/ the beans? Thank you!

    • Very interesting idea. I can’t say that I know anyone that has used the actual beans for this.

      My best guess: You can start by throwing them in a small humidor with the cigar. You probably won’t be able to do too many at a time and it may help to grind the beans first. That should leave them really mild (if anything).

      Next option would be to soak the beans (again, probably ground) in water, then try it.

      Let us know how it turned out!

  6. Cigar Siren says

    Does anyone know how to sweet tip a cigar? I roll cigars in Las Vegas and would like to offer sweet tips on some of the small sizes. Any thoughts?

    • Just to clarify, you want a flavored cigar, but you just want the tip (mouth part) to have the flavoring? If so, I only know a couple of people that done it successfully.

      From what I understand, it is a slow process. Just lightly brush the tip with the flavoring of choice. Don’t allow for any outstanding liquid (it will cause the tip to expand). Put back in the humidor for 4-5 days (then repeat the process until you get the concentration you desire).

  7. i see guys placing strips of cedar in the container with the cigars and booze of choice. any feedback on why or if its good or bad to do so. i’m getting ready to soake a 1/2 dozen in some homemade wine.

    • As long as the cigars do not directly touch the alcohol or flavoring of choice, you should be just fine. You never want a cigar to directly touch any moisture. Good luck!

  8. @ Gerald. Not a stupid questions. Even in an “airtight” container the moisture still goes somewhere (in this case, mostly the cigars!). Plus everytime you open the Humidor, you lose moisture.

  9. @ Romey. A cigar box inside a coolidor should work for awhile. It may be helpful to put a small glass of water inside the coolidor (not the cigar box). Consider getting a cheap humidor (you can get a small one for as low as $25-$35!)

    All the best,


  10. Stupid question, if you are putting the items in a tight sealing container (sounds like airtight), how does the liquor evaporate?

  11. Great idea . I have about 15 cigars I’m going to do this with .
    After the two weeks are up , how should I store them ? It would take me a
    few months to smoke all 15 of them .I have a coolidor , could I store them in a cigar box inside the coolidor ?

  12. Great Question Mike,

    You are pretty safe mixing alcohol in with the automatic mister but there are a couple things to be aware of.

    Since a mister is so efficient, you don’t need much alcohol. I would not have more than 20% in the mister. Secondly, some people believe you don’t want the alcohol in “full time” if you are trying to use the mister. They run the mister one week with alcohol in it, one week without, etc. I have tried it both ways and don’t really think it matters.

    As for the spray bottle, you have to be careful. Directly spraying cigars can create a whole lot of problems (too much moisture and the cigar expands, mold, etc). With that said, spraying the humidor walls (let it dry) and then putting in the cigars can work great (especially if you are seasoning a brand new humidor).

    As for seed, that is a personal preference. Since you are playing with flavored cigars in this case, it probably won’t matter much. After trying several different seeds, most seem about the same at the end of the day – especially when growing yourself!

    Good luck!

  13. Hey i am planning on growing and hand making my own cigars and flavoring them too.It says on one web site to mix it with the water in the humidor {automatic mister} but i was planing to mix my flavor in the spray bottle too when im making them too.obviously i will try different methods to find out which i like best. I love cigars and wont touch a cigarette any more but the prices are insane considering you can make them your self. Any advice you can give would be great.Or what type of seed you like best.

    Thanx have a good one

  14. Awesome info, Thanks!

  15. Great question! You could go with a coffee liqueur. I have also heard of some people using a couple straight shots of very strong coffee (as in espresso)!


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