Tips for New Cigar Smokers

New to smoking cigars?

Don’t worry.  Even Winston Churchill had to start somewhere!

Cigar Secrets is filled with lots of information about choosing cigars, lighting  smoking them, accessories, etc.  But this page is devoted to answering the questions many ‘virgins’ ask.  A Cigar Newbie’s FAQ, if you like.  (And don’t be too hard on yourself – some of the, shall we say, more ‘experienced’ cigar smokers who are reading this site could do with a refresher in these basics too.)

So start here and keep on reading.  And why not enjoy a good smoke while you do? [Read more…]

Top Ten Cuban Cigars

cigarsstandardThe Top Ten Cuban Cigars? Well look no further, the votes are IN!

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on any of these, find a nice quiet area – or a loud one with friends – and enjoy!

1. Cohiba Esplindidos

2. Cohiba Robusto [Read more…]

What is in a Name?

Who owns the rights to Cuban names and stores?

Altadis SA purchased 50% of Habanos SA (prompted by Altadis S.A. influence). In 2001 Habanos S.A. decided to dramatically change the way they make and market cigars.  This change was carried out over a three year period. [Read more…]

Cuban Trinidad…

Cuban Trinidad Grand Panetela were only available as a diplomatic gift.

Post-revolution brand Released in 1969, but only commercially available since 1997. In 1997 the Cuban Trinidad Grand Pantela was never sold again or to the general public. [Read more…]

Are Cuban Cigars the Best?

At some point this was bound to come up. “Are Cuban cigars the best of the best?” Certainly their reputation puts them on the top of cigar connoisseurs lists – even if they are illegal in this country. [Read more…]

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona a cigar before it`s time…
The early 1990s were wonderful years for Cuban cigars. Production was relatively small, not rushed, and the cigars coming out of Havana at that time were particularly fine smokes.

The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona was the greatest cigar made in casino jameshallison the world at that time. It is the only cigar to ever score a 99 rating right out of the box – “Pretty impressive” without any aging.

I still wonder to this day what was the one percent flaw that stopped it from getting a hundred?  I think the magizine was afraid to give a perfect score to a freshly rolled cigar.