Made in Cuba or Made in Havana?

You may have seen or heard two different terms when describing Cuban Cigars. “Made in Cuba” and “Made in Havana.”

The two words are interchangeable and in either case come from the island of Cuba. The term “Made in Havana” is largely due to the fact that most Cuban cigars are made in or around Havana.

Besides, it sounds way better than “Made in Wells, NV.”


  1. michael j. smith says

    How do i get my humidor to work properly, it always stays at 60 never reaching the required 70 mark, help me, i am losing too may cubans! Is there such a humidor that you can plug in?

    • There are couple options depending on the size of the humidor. At first guess I would say whatever you are using for h20, it is not enough. If you are using a couple “tubes,” consider adding another one.

      If you have “bricks” that you soak in advance, same thing. Consider adding one.

      What is the size of the humidor? Is it cedar lined?

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