How Long Does it Take to Smoke a Cigar?

This is a surprisingly common question I get but it is an almost impossible answer. My friend Tommy laughs when I can make a smoke last as long as the “recommended smoke time.”

In a nutshell, the bigger they are the longer they smoke (like you had to go to a Cigar site to figure that out, huh?). Ok, ok, here are few benchmarks…

Presidente (8” – 10”) – about 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Double Corona, Churchill, Lonsdale (7 ½” – 8”) – about 45 minutes to an hour.

Corona Grandes, Corona Extra, Rubusto, Belicoso, Pyramid (5”-7”) – about 30 – 45 minutes.

Petite Corona, Culebra, Ascot – under 30 minutes.


  1. This list of lengths of time it takes to smoke a cigar are for folks that want to puff and puff as hard as they can, getting all kinds of heat and gasses in their cigar that anyone rolling them would laugh at if they read this list. When you take your time and let the flame cool you get sweet wonderful flavors out of the tobacco…. Is there also a list describing how long it takes to drink a bottle of wine… Maybe 4 minutes.. make love to your wife….8 seconds??

    • LOL – I agree with you Herf. Well, except for the “8 seconds” part. I think that is riding bulls – but hey, whatever you are in to (or problems you have) is your own business.

  2. Well, Clouder, I would rather be you! Unfortunately, some of us are “power smokers.”

    If it takes you longer, you are just getting more for your money!

  3. Wow those times are pretty short!!

    For a beginner like me, usually i take 45-60mins for a petit or corona (bolivar petit corona, partagas aristrocrates & conn. 3), 70-100 mins for a robusto, corona gorda or belicosos (magnum 46, epicure especiales, P2, RASS, etc).

  4. Is this Power Smoker Godfather times or normal people

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