Top Five Cigars For Fathers Day

What Dad really for Fathers Day is some great cigars to add to his humidor. So forget getting Dad yet another tie that he will no doubt only wear when someone makes him.

Here are five great choices you can pick up this year for Dad (in no particular order).

Liga Privada Flying Pig / Drew Estate – Not for beginners, this cigar is a hot seller among those preferring a full body smoke.

Nomad Renegade / Nomad Cigar Company* – From what we understand, the Renegade contains the same blend as the rest of Nomad line…and yet, this one has risen to the top.

San Lotano Oval / AJ FernandezWhat? It is oval? Yea. You know, odd shaped, kind of like Dad himself.

Alec Bradley Tempus / Alec BradleyTough to single out an Alec Bradley that Dad will love…this one will surely do the trick!

Room 101 OSOK / Camacho – One Shot, One Kill (OSOK). Dad will like the name alone.

If you think Dad is fully stocked on cigars, he can never have enough. But, if you are looking for a really cool cigar accessory, check out the 3D Mayan by Xikar.

Getting to Know Cigar Wrappers

Of the three major cigar components – wrapper, binder and filler – it’s the wrapper leaves that readily present themselves for inspection when you’re making your purchase.  Some industry experts claim that up to 75% of the flavor of a cigar comes from the wrapper – so be sure to get to know them well.  “Kick the tires” so to speak of each new stogie you buy.

To pass muster, wrapper leaves should be thick and have an oily feeling.  They should possess a smooth and uniform color, with small veining running throughout the leaf.  The veins should be subtle, not prominent, and no blemishes should mar the leaf. [Read more…]

Cigar Smoking Origins

Where were YOU in ’92?  Not 1992…1492!

Before you grandfather’s grandfather was even a sparkle in HIS grandfather’s eye, Christopher Columbus was out discovering America and something else, too – tobacco!  From lowly tobacco came the most elevated of pleasures – the fine smoking cigar.

It really was the beginning of a whole New World!  Cigar popularity burned a path back to the continent, setting Europe afire before finding its way back to America again.

When Victoria was queen, cigars were king in England, but their enjoyment was limited to private clubs and residences.  [Read more…]