How NOT To Cut a Cigar

As I sat down enjoying a cigar and beverage late the other evening, a stranger sat down and offered to buy my a drink. Nothing creepy, they just … [Continue Reading]

Xikar 3D Mayan Cigar Cutter

I am not going to lie, this has to be the coolest cutter I have ever owned. For a couple reasons... 1. Xikar makes great cutters. Period. - If you … [Continue Reading]

Can You Really Get Premium Cigars for $20 a Box??

I get a kick out of the weekly emails sent out by cigar companies. This morning was,  "Grab this box of premium cigars for only $20 a box!" Oh, and … [Continue Reading]

The Weight of Cigar Smoke

Hang around a cigar shop long enough and you will no doubt run into the old question, "Can you figure the weight of cigar smoke?" The conversation … [Continue Reading]

The Best Cigars for the Money

It seems that some people just have too much money. And I don't necessarily mean "wealthy." No, I mean people that just throw money away when it … [Continue Reading]

How To…

Can I Store Cigars In My Refrigerator?

This happens more often than I care to count. Someone asks me if it is ok to store his or her cigars in the … [Read More...]

How to Save Your Cigars From Tobacco Beetles

The day you open your humidor or go to light your favorite cigar stick and see a small pin-head size hole that is the … [Read More...]

How To Make A Coolidor Cigar Humidor

You have probably heard the term “Coolidor” in cigar smoking circles and wondered what the heck it is…and if you should even … [Read More...]

What Size Cigar Humidor Should I Buy?

Deciding which size humidor you should buy seems like one of those obvious questions that prompt the response, “well, how … [Read More...]

Be a Cigar Smoking Professional

Even before you know what you’re doing, you can ‘look the part’ of an accomplished cigar smoker.  These are the four … [Read More...]

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Cuban Crafters 3 Blade Black Cigar Scissor Cutter

We just put in a order for what could be one of the coolest looking cutters on the planet.  Course, we are just … [Read More...]

Perdomo Habano Review by J Bebb

On Sunday afternoon I took advantage of a bright crisp fall day to have a seat in the garden, share a glass of single malt … [Read More...]

Finding the Best Cigar Cutters

Sure, you can use a razor blade, an x-acto knife or a pocket blade; you can even just bite and tear to remove the uncut end … [Read More...]

Tips for New Cigar Smokers

New to smoking cigars? Don’t worry.  Even Winston Churchill had to start somewhere! Cigar Secrets is filled with lots of … [Read More...]

Getting to Know Cigar Wrappers

Of the three major cigar components - wrapper, binder and filler - it's the wrapper leaves that readily present themselves … [Read More...]

Off the Grid…

California Lowers Excise Tax Rate On Cigars

How about some good news when it comes to tax rates and cigars? The ICPCR reports… California’s Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Excise Tax Rate Drops for Fiscal Year 2012-13 State Revenue and Tax Code Section 30126 requires the Board of Equalization to annually review and determine the Other Tobacco Products (OTP) excise tax rate. The […]

Stop FDA From Regulating Premium Cigars

Help stop the FDA from regulating the cigar industry! Bottom line, if you smoke cigars, this is important and will only take 2 minutes of your time. Below you will find an excerpt of a petition to the Obama administration put forth by Cigar Rights of America (CRA) and the International Premium Cigar & Pipe […]

Top Five Cigars For Fathers Day

What Dad really for Fathers Day is some great cigars to add to his humidor. So forget getting Dad yet another tie that he will no doubt only wear when someone makes him. Here are five great choices you can pick up this year for Dad (in no particular order). Liga Privada Flying Pig / […]

Made in Cuba or Made in Havana?

You may have seen or heard two different terms when describing Cuban Cigars. “Made in Cuba” and “Made in Havana.” The two words are interchangeable and in either case come from the island of Cuba. The term “Made in Havana” is largely due to the fact that most Cuban cigars are made in or around […]