Can I Store Cigars In My Refrigerator?

This happens more often than I care to count. Someone asks me if it is ok to store his or her cigars in the refrigerator.

Well, there is a short answer and a long answer.

The Long Answer…

Warning labels are for suckers. I mean we shouldn’t have them.

It is just a way to stop, for the most part, stupid people from shoring up the human gene pool.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

If we stopped printing warning labels like, “Coffee May be Hot,” or “Don’t Operate Chainsaw Under Influence of Alcohol,” we might be collectively be smarter when those people are gone.

That said, there really is not a warning label on a cigar that says, “Don’t put cigar in the refrigerator.”

There is also not a warning label on the refrigerator that says something like, “Not suitable for storage of automotive oil, platypus urine, tar paper, or cigars.

So, it is understandable how some people could be confused.

Not having a humidor is really the “go to” excuse people use.

If you don’t have a humidor, make a small coolidor and call it good, but don’t get cigars anywhere near your refrigerator unless you are fighting tobacco beetles.

The Short Answer…

NO. It is bad for them. Wrong temperature, wrong humidity.

Hear endeth the lesson. Any questions? 


  1. d says:

    I disagree. Apartment dwellers such as my self don’t always have the luxury of being able to put their sticks in a climate controlled environment. during the summer when my place reaches 35 Celsius at during and down to 15 – 20 at night with wild RH swings you will get splitting in your wrappers after a week or so of that kind of weather. throw em in the fridge for a couple months wont hurt them. It will slow the aging but i don’t keep anything longer because of this. Take them out a day or two before you wanna smoke em and they’re mint. Now i have a wineador and my temps and levels are more controlled. but you gotta do what you have to with what you got.

    • Cigar Secrets says:

      Even a Tupperdore or Coolidor would be a step up from the fridge and both are cheap.

    • Garry Fender says:

      You know, I never have actually tried putting my cigars in the refrigerator, so I cannot argue with your results. HOWEVER, a refrigerator is a de-humiditier – not a humidifier! Haven’t you ever seen an ice tray (remember those?) left in the freezer after a few months? The cubes will have mysteriously disappeared. Evaporated into thin air – literally!


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